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by Sam Foxford - Wednesday, 2 March 2022, 5:19 PM
Anyone in the world

After I got a bunch of “Who’s This?” responses in my last mass text session…. I realized I need to do something to better manage my rolodex.   Hell, I hardly even remember what half of these girls look like myself….

The idea was to see how many of them I can possibly save from dead-end numbers to actual members of a Rolodex, using Facebook.   The idea came from how Krauser incorporates Facebook in his game, and from JT’s comments on my ‘Who’s This?’ post….

Facebook is $$$ for keeping girls in the loop and turning around numbers that might otherwise be considered wood.

So…. the other day… when I should have been studying, I decided to try something…

I mass texted all my lists of chicks a simple “Wasup?” (I was keeping different lists in my phone based on when I got a girl’s number).

I didn’t even realize how many girls I texted or who all I texted until it was already sent…I counted how many chicks I just texted and it was 49 total, but that includes a lot of chicks that I already have as Facebook friends and pretty much every chick that is listed to the right under the “Girls” category.

28 out of the 49 responded… including Jajaja, Crush, Prom Queen, Athlete Chick and the like….   Crush responded with “Hey!  Just on my way to work, you?”    I kind of regret texting her on the heels of her little silly Facebook chat, so I just ignored her and didn’t respond….   I held short conversations with the others though….

16 chicks hit me with the “Who’s This?”  response…. including Barcelona, which surprised me since she was blowing up my phone for a couple of months after we fucked trying to figure out when I was coming back to town….

A couple of the numbers I already knew were dead numbers and shit, so I flipped back a quick mass text to 8 of the chicks with “That cute guy named Willy Wonka….prob met downtown or something.  Fuck it it, just add me on Facebook [email address]“

Two of them added me instantly, one said she would when she got home and one hit me with a text that read, “Please stop annoying me im not the person.  You think I am you are tetin the wrong number please stop texting me and bothering me please”   Lol, I almost wanted to be an ass back, but I just went ahead and deleted that number…. clearly a dead-end.   The other four didn’t respond…..

One chick, whose number I had gotten on Halloween, but I had no recollection of what she looked like or what her name was even… just had a number in my phone from that night…. she responded with the “Hey.  Who is this?”… and I hit her back with “Willy Wonka… got ya number on Halloween apparently…”  and she responded back…. “Ooo the white boy?”   Lol, okay.. well, now I know she’s probably a black chick, but I still don’t remember her…  I asked her if she was on Facebook and she shot me back her name.  I added her…. and she’s a real cute black chick – I don’t remember her at all, but she is cute….

What may have been the worst though… was a chick I fucked a couple of times a while ago and then ignored her phone calls until she left me alone got texted and then she responded back by calling me and leaving a 3 minute voicemail which I have yet to listen to… and texting me saying.. “Oh.  Hi.  You stopped talking to me.  And I moved to [random place]”   I responded, “[Random place?]  Never heard of it…”  And then, she wrote back.. “Outside of [city].” and then “Why?  What’s up?  Are you wanting to talk or something?”   ….. Ignored….

All-in-all… I only gained 3 Facebook friends out of it, the 2 who added me instantly (one of them looks just like Mila Kunis by the way) and the cute black girl from Halloween.   I got a couple more friend requests floating out there and a couple of chicks that said they would add me “when [they] get home” or “[la manana].”   So, we’ll see….

But, I do think using Facebook as a Rolodex is a good idea to keep girls around or to work on some sort of long game strategy….

Plus, with the new Facebook messages that are rolling out, I imagine that linking contacts in my Google account (Android phone) with Facebook friends may prove to be a real solid rolodex management system….

Technology is beast.

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Anyone in the world

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I didn’t go on my date with Freshman Orientation afterall.  She flaked saying she that something came up and she had to go to her hometown.  She tried to move it back for later in the day, but I couldn’t because I already had plans with Army Brat.

My last night in town…

I was hoping I could go out on a high note and get new notches on both of last two nights in town.  But, my second date with Army Brat was earily similar to my second date with Crush.  A lot of making out and stuff, and I got up under the shirt and played with a nipple and then I got a “it’s late, I should get going” type of thing.

And, when she left, I really started thinking.  As my last night in a city that I’ve called home for 6 years was drawing to a close, I couldn’t help but to reflect on my experiences here…

This city made me a man…

I’m going home to my parent’s house.  A place I haven’t lived in since high school.  The creativity on where to f-close chicks is going to be all the more crucial now.

But, even more than that I reflected on the girls I’ve dated and the notches I’ve gotten and of course all of the possible notches I’ve missed out on.

And, I realized something.  Cowgirl, like pretty much all of my notches this year and my whole life actually is average in the looks department.  Not a Hot Chick.

Matter of fact, for the sake of argument, let’s leave the 1-10 scale alone right now and break girls down into just four simple categories – Mud turtles, Average, Hot Average, and Hot Chicks.

(If you want to relate this to the 1-10 scale, just think Mud turtles are 4s or lower, Average are 5′s and 6′s, Hot Average are 7′s and Hot Chicks would be 8′s and up… that’s probably pretty reasonable.)

Now, back to what I was trying to say.  My life’s notches summed up, have majority come from Average chicks, and average chicks who were easy.  They have mainly been lay-ups.  Most of them did not take anywhere close to 7 hours to go from meet to bang, and most of them didn’t shit test me too much or require too much effort on my part.  I’ve gotten them almost entirely based on my looks.  That’s the average chicks – most of my notches.

I’ve fucked a couple Mud turtles in my life, but that’s really just bad experience with internet dating and girls not looking anything like their fucking pictures in real life.  It happened a couple of times and I figured, “hell, I’m already here, I might as well just fuck her and get the notch”.  Has a lot to do with why I’m all about meeting girls in person now and don’t do the internet thing anymore…

I’ve fucked a couple of Hot Average chicks, and those are the chicks I usually wind up fucking for months on end.  The ones I wind up in STR and LTRs with.  I’d put February Fling and My Last Ex in this category.

Then, you have the Hot Chicks.  These are the ones that have basically been unattainable for me.  I’ve had my shots with them here and there, as every chick in my History of Crushes post falls in this category.  These chicks, at least for me, have not been easy lays – obviously, as I haven’t fucked one of them yet.  They’re not unttainable though, when I think and reflect on it, I had at least some kind of a shot with all of the chicks in the History of Crushes post, I just didn’t know how to handle it.  When I blew it with Spaghetti, I thought that was a turning point in my life.  I thought what I needed to do was to get these chicks alone in a room and just be a lot more aggressive with them.  I thought I figured out some sort of secret.  But, that hasn’t actually worked like a charm.

Here is where it gets tricky for me….. the Hot Chick.  Obviously, these are the ones I want the most.  I am capable of getting of them, I know that, but what does it take?   In the past (again, referring to the History of Crushes post), I’ve probably been lucky to have a shot at about one hot chick a year.  But, that’s without working on my game and cold approaching much.  This year, I’ve had a solid shot with four hot chicks – Crush, CuteNewChick, Army Brat and Freshman Orientation.

As Army Brat left my house, I was left with blue balls and a wondering mind…. much the same way Crush always left me.  What would it take to fuck this girl? I mean, clearly, she’s (and I’m referring to both of them here) not completely opposed to the idea – she’s on my bed making out with me.  But then, when I try to escalate, I get, as Rookie would so elegantly put it, “hacksawed” and then the lame “it’s getting late” excuses come out.

The “it’s getting late” excuse is hilarious to me.  I could hang out with a hot chick until 1, 2, 3am on a weeknight and if we’re out and about or playing Wii or whatever, they’ll never bring up the “it’s getting late”, but when I try to escalate, now “it’s getting late, I have to go blah blah blah in the morning”.   “It’s getting late” clearly has nothing to do with the actual time.  It’s simply an excuse.

But, back to my current dilemma, what does it take to bang a Hot Chick?   I honestly don’t know, since I’ve never done it.  I can only go off of speculation here, which only leads to me asking more questions and inquiring about theories.

Which, brings me back to Mystery’s 7 Hour Rule…. maybe it takes 7 hours of comfort to fuck a hot chick?  Maybe Mystery was referring to Hot Chicks when he brought up this rule?    I don’t know…   but, I know CuteNewChick, Crush and Army Brat all would’ve taken longer than 7 hours.  Can’t really speak on how long Fresh Orientation would’ve taken since I didn’t spend much more time with her outside of the initial approach, but I can see her taking longer than 7 hours as well…

Back to Average Chicks for a second, just thinking about the ones I’ve “dated” this year.  Either I fuck them really early on (less than four hours) or I never get a second date with them.  What does that tell me?  That the 7 hour rule doesn’t apply to Average Chicks, they’re either easy or not worth my time….

But, Hot Chicks.  7 hours?  7-10 hours?  Is this what I should be planning for with them?  Back to the Hot Chicks I’ve dated this year, as opposed to my average chicks, I’ve always gotten a second date with my Hot Chicks.  Hmmm…. very interesting stuff here.  Average chick = bang early or no second date.  Hot chick = no bang, but you get a second date.   I’m literally blowing my own mind with this observation.   This doesn’t just apply to the chicks I’ve “dated” this year, but it pretty much applies to all the chicks I’ve dated my whole life.  This goes back to the whole Assanova post about Patience Being Power With Hot Women…

So, now I need to find out how to game the hot chicks….

The other idea I have (and again, no success with these chicks, so take me throwing ideas out with a grain of salt) is the whole push/pull, be a challenge, soft rejection (they all mean about the same thing) idea.   Looking back on my interactions with Hot Chicks, I’ve never really “soft rejected” them.  I probably wasn’t much of a challenge.  They probably all knew that I’d fuck them in heartbeat… they probably never felt like they had to win me over, but that they already had me.   I get the concept.   But, how to implement it?   It’s one thing to push/pull and be a challenge during an approach… but, if Hot Chicks take 7-10 hours to get them into the sack, how do you continue to be a challenge over a 10 hour period?   The implementation is where it becomes harder to me.

I also find it harder to “challenge” Hot Chicks, because in my experience, Hot Chicks are less sexually aggressive.   Cowgirl was rubbing on my leg in Ihop without any kino escalation from me – Hot Chicks don’t tend to do stuff like that.   Also, a 7-10 hour period is generally going to draw out over a few separate dates, so the next question, how do you “appear to be a challenge”, “make her win you over” when you’re the one making plans to hang out with her?   “Let’s go do this and this tomorrow at 8.”  ”Okay.”  I would imagine any chick who knows I’m making time to hang out with her knows I’m interested, and that I’d fuck her…. how do I “make her win me over”?    Maybe, I need to brush up on my push/pull….

And, last, but not least… what’s on my mind, is the date formula.  I’m comfortable approaching in bars and clubs.  (Still need to do more day game – more on that later).  And, I feel like I have a very solid first date formula – I feel like all of my first dates went well this year – going out for drinks with a bounce or two and spanning the date over about 3 hours – real solid.   But, if a Hot Chick take 7-10 hours to bang… I’m going to need a second date and possibly (probably) a 3rd… (maybe even 4th?).

My second date ideas probably aren’t so great.  With Crush I did dinner and a movie at my house, it was cool, but watching a movie leads to cuddling together and not much chance to push/pull or game much.  My second date with Army Brat was watching TV at my place – same problem – not much talking while engaged in watching TV, too much cuddling taking place before sex has occurred, and not enough push/pull.  Second date with CuteNewChick, I was out of ideas, so we just went to a bar again – she didn’t seem to have a problem with it, but I’d feel lame if I kept doing bar dates with chicks.    So, what is a good second date option?  I still don’t know…   A walk in the park?  Grabbing some ice cream?  Playing Wii?  Going for lunch?  Going to a comedy show or other event?

Then, what about the third date?

I honestly don’t even know….

It also sucks that I leave town and move back to my hometown when I basically have two Hot Chicks on the burner right now that I could’ve practice this stuff on more in Army Brat and Freshman Orientation.    So far, I’ve got about 5 hours logged with Army Brat too, another date or two and I’d be in that 7-10 range….

But, now I live in a completely different city and I have to start all over again.

I’m out of my comfort zone again.  I don’t even know any wings down here.  Now, I gotta go out solo and approach more.  I also need to day game more.

I need to take the confidence boost from my recent one-night stand and from the fact that I’ve “dated” four Hot Chicks this year and realize that I’m capable of doing this shit.

I guess now, we’ll see what a new location holds for me.  I’m back in my hometown….

“And the streets say I can’t go back home/ You know when I heard that?   When I was back home...” –  Jay-Z

Picture of Sam Foxford
by Sam Foxford - Friday, 3 December 2021, 4:44 PM
Anyone in the world

So, I went out solo dolo the other night.  For the first time in awhile.

It was alright, but it was different.  I got used to rolling with an entourage.

I prefer an entourage, honestly.  Because when I’m with a group of dudes, I’m the man.  I become the leader of the group, the alpha male maybe, the clown, the entertainment.  I’m out there to entertain my boys and show them how it’s done.  That is what really makes picking up chicks fun.

Solo dolo is only so much fun.  Yes, I have had success rolling solo, but I honestly don’t have as much fun.  When I’m with my boys, the asshole and the I don’t give a fuck attitude come out stronger than ever, because it’s like I’m putting on a show for them… a clinic, if you will.

There’s something about another dude pointing out a hot chick and being too scared to approach her that makes my balls drop and I instantly have to go approach her just to show him up.  I just don’t get that when I’m rolling solo.  I don’t have the same competitive vibe, the same cockiness and show-offiness (not a word, I know, sue me).

It takes more to get into a social vibe when I’m rolling solo as well.  When I’m with an entourage, the social vibe is already set, then it’s nothing but handling business at that point.

I prefer an entourage to just a wing, because when I’m with an entourage, I can pick and chose my wings out of my group for particular sets.  Also, when it’s just me and a wing, unless it’s my boy I’m going to feel like I’m babysitting most of the night.  Whereas with an entourage, I don’t have to give a fuck about anybody else.

Also, with an entourage, I have no problem leaving them and rolling with a chick to a different bar, or back to her place or my place or whatever.  None of my boys are going to say shit about me leaving them to go try to bang a chick – that’s what they expect me to do, that’s what they want me to do, if anything they should be rooting for me.

It also helps that I spend less money on drinks when I’m with an entourage, because it’s always somebody buying a round and shoving another drink in my face.  Sometimes, I don’t spend anything.  My boys keep me good.

Yeah, I prefer an entourage, but on any given night, I’ll take what I can get.  If nobody wants to go out because it’s Friday and they’re all tired and lazy or it’s too wet outside or whatever, then I’ll still roll solo – it’s better than sitting at home with no chick to bang.  I’ll always do a mix of the three scenarios – the entourage, just a wing, and solo dolo – but I do tend to have the most fun and make the most approaches when I’m with the entourage.

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by Sam Foxford - Thursday, 25 November 2021, 4:36 PM
Anyone in the world

Man, I don’t even know where to start.  So, um, date 3 was the other night – on a Saturday night.  I thought I’d change it up and chill with her on a weekend for a change.  I took her up to the top of this mountain late in the evening, and we watched the sunset – my main idea for doing this is I saw it as a free date and a chance to chill and talk and that she wouldn’t see it as a free/cheap date, but rather me being creative.

Anyway, it went well, the sun set, we chilled up there on the mountain, her in my arms, talking, watching the boats go by in the lake, kissing here and there.  I tried to start a conversation about sex by saying “I always wanted to have sex on a boat in the middle of a lake”, but she didn’t really bite, it didn’t really go anywhere, smh.

We were probably up there for about 2 hours, there were other people out there too, mainly other couples making out and stuff.  After awhile, everybody else left though, and it was just me and her.  This is when I got more aggressive and we really started making out.  While making out, I put my hands down her pants and her panties and was grabbing her bare ass, hands up her shirt, grabbing her, intentionally trying to show her how I would fuck her, I licked her neck, gave it some light bites as well.  She was into it, but then she pulled back, saying, “we’re still in public.”  I responded with something like, “don’t you like spontaneity?”   She pauses for a second and says “not here, not now.  This is still too public, I’m one those girls that would always see people kissing in public and be like, ‘why don’t they just go get a room somewhere?’”  At this point, I think I got a little cocky.  I thought I had it in the bag, we just needed some place more secluded.  Worse, yeah, I was horny and wanted to fuck this chick for sure – y’all know that by now, but more than horny, I was hungry.  I had missed dinner, because I got caught up with something and had to run into to work literally about an hour before I was supposed to pick her up, it took me an hour and half to get done with that, and I was about 45 minutes late picking her up as is, without really eating anything before I picked her up like I meant to do.   So, rather than try to take her back to my place after our hot and heavy make out session on the mountain, I say, “let’s roll, let’s go get something to eat”, and I take her to some random Mexican restaurant nearby.

My “free” date is now costing me $22 as I pay for her meal and mine.  I’m not too worried about that, because I still think I have a real good shot at taking her back to my place after dinner.  Dinner conversation went well, at one point, she even admitted some vulnerability, by saying, “Have you noticed I’m always a little nervous every time I’m around you?”

“Why are you nervous?”  I ask.

“I don’t know, I just don’t want to say or do anything wrong I guess.  I don’t really go out on dates that much, you seem so good at this, I feel like you do this all the time.”

“I do what all the time?”  - me, smirking a little.

“This – taking girls out.  It seems like you do this a lot.”

I smile and laugh her off, “Naw, not a lot.”

“Sure.  Tell me anything,”  as she looks into my eyes smiling.  Then, she turns away.  I’m just staring at her in a playful manner, she can’t take it, can’t even look at me now.  She’s blushing a little.  ”Oh, my gosh.  I can’t even look at you, now.  I’m wondering, is he trying to make me more nervous.”


We laugh.  Conversation continues, more about us now than ever, she’s asking me what kind of girls I normally date, what I’m attracted to, things of that nature.  We watch a little ESPN, I get caught up on the tourney game I missed to hang out with her on the mountain top (WVU!!!).  We talk about sports, what she played in high school, other things.  It’s getting late, the restaurant is closing, I get up and go to the bathroom.  I notice her texting, think nothing of it.  I’m done with my food, get her a to-go box, we get up to leave, “let’s go back to my place and chill for a little bit,”  I say.  ”Actually, I need to be getting home, that was my friend just texting me, she says she’s taking me out to some new club tonight.”

Wow.  What the fuck just happened?

Okay, no worries.  I play it cool, “Oh alright”.  We get in the car, talk about music, I let her listen to some of my CD’s of artists I like, we talk about that.  In my head, I’m somewhat sure I’m not getting any now, but I realize I have one last ditch attempt – I’m going to walk her to the door and ask her if I can use her bathroom – straight Roosh style.


Needless to say, I do know her situation.  She lives with her sister… who has a kid.  She doesn’t really seem too comfortable with having company coming over her place with her sister’s kid running around, especially not guys she’s trying to bang.  She doesn’t feel like she has much privacy with her sister and nephew there and is ready to get her own place again.  I know all of this, but fuck, might as well try anyway.  At her door now, I ask if I can come in and use the bathroom.  She’s a little weary of this, “are you trying to meet my family?”

“I’m not worried about that, I just need to use the bathroom.”

“No.  I’m not ready for you to meet my family.  Not yet, not yet.”

“So….. I can’t use your bathroom?”

“No, I’m not ready for you to meet my family.  Not yet.”

Alright fine.  Defeat accepted.  Hug, kiss, shove hand down her pants and squeeze her ass once more, pull hand back out her pants, slap her ass, walk off, “have fun”.


Now, what?

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Picture of Sam Foxford
by Sam Foxford - Tuesday, 9 November 2021, 5:22 PM
Anyone in the world

Last night I was supposed to have a date with this chick who has a dick trophy, but she flaked, so I decided to just hit a few bars flying solo and approach a few girls. I went out kind of early, first bar I went to was not packed at all and was a sausage fest, so after having one beer I moved around to a couple other bars. I joked around with bouncers, bartenders and even bums in the street in order to keep myself in the social mood, since this was my first real attempt at flying solo. It took a couple of approaches to really warm-up, but after that I had some decent conversations with chicks. I don’t even remember how many approaches I made, I think around 9 0r 10 total and four of them actually led to solid conversation and I got numbers out of two of those. Didn’t take anything back that night, but we’ll see how these two numbers play out – I’ll try to meet up with them for drinks or something next week.

The first number I got was this real cute black chick I happened to see while I was walking down the street after just leaving one of the bars and looking to see where I wanted to go next. She was walking towards me with her fatty friend, but she was definitely looking cute. The approach was fairly easy too, as I was walking up I smiled to her and she looked at me and slowed down her walk in order to let me approach. I don’t even remember what my opener was, but she was feeling me from the beginning. She seemed to be a cool chick and we walked down the street together for awhile and at some point her fatty friend stopped to talk to some guy, which was cool cuz then it was just the two of us walking and talking. The funny part was some bum came up in front of us and said, “Y’all two are beautiful together” and gave me some dap. She liked that, she even repeated it back to me with a smile, “you heard that? He said we’re beautiful together.” Lol, when I get the pussy, I should go back and thank that bum for the co-sign and helping me out. I wound up getting her number and then moving around to make some more approaches, but that was definitely a confidence boost that I needed.
A little while after that, I wound up posted up back in the bar I started out at and was chillin’ drinking my beer when three chicks were walking up on the side of me, so I turned around and opened them and talked to them for awhile and the cutest one was the main one talking to me. They were pretty funny, they were three chicks who went to high school together down south, but now all go to different colleges in the same city – I found that pretty funny. Anyway, I tried to get the cute chick’s number and she gives me some line like “Oh, my boyfriend’s about to come up here and he’s a big guy, I’d be scared if I were you.” Wtf? Are you serious? Lol, whatever, I’m not scared of your meathead boyfriend at all, but what a hilarious line, that shit make me snicker.
I rolled out of that bar and wound up talking to another group of chicks in the street, where another bum rolled up and said something like “how’d you wind up with these two beautiful ladies?” and the chick I was talking to gave him like $11 to get something to eat, which I thought was absurd – $11 is a lot of freaking money to be handing out to a bum! But, I pulled her number anyway.
A little while after that is started raining pretty hard and I decided it was about time to go, but on my way to the car, I ran from bar to bar hiding under the outside canopies or whatever you call them and talked to whatever cute chicks where next to me doing the same thing. Then, while under one canopy, while I was checking the time on my phone, some mud turtle chick walks up to me and starts up a conversation with an opener like “Hey, I’m so wasted and I’m bout to be 21 in two days”, so I talked to her for a little bit, partly thinking about it, because she seemed like a sure thing for sure, but she promptly turned me off by saying “I’m so wasted, I just want to make out with a cute guy right now for my 21st birthday”. No way in hell I’m making out with some mud duck in the middle of the street – too many people around, fuck that. So, I told her she should try some club down the street, maybe there’s some cute guys in there. She didn’t seem too happy with that response, but I didn’t give a fuck and went back to ignoring her and playing on my phone. I mean this chick was maybe a 3, so fuck that, it’s not even worth it, I’d be approaching 7′s and up all night and got numbers from two 8′s, I’m not making out with a 3 in the rain in the middle of the street – I’m not that damn desperate.
Anyway, that was my night… my first real step towards improving my game. I still got a long way to go to get to where I feel like I should/could be, but I’m going to make the best of it – believe that.

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[ Modified: Tuesday, 9 November 2021, 5:54 PM ]
Picture of Sam Foxford
by Sam Foxford - Friday, 5 November 2021, 5:30 PM
Anyone in the world

Men are often labeled as horny dogs who just want to have sex. Often we’re ridiculed for our focus on sex, and and then later ridiculed for our low sex drive. It doesn’t seen that we can win. We’re told we think more about sex than women, and that its wrong for us to be solely focused on the act alone. We’re often berated for these facts and made to seem like soulless jerks. Here’s a reality check, women are just as horny, driven, and focused on sex as men are.

So why do men take the blame?

If you take a look at the dating blogging community, or the sex social media community, you’ll find an interesting trend. There’s more women discussing, displaying, and promoting sex then men. Look at the lifestyle literature for both men and women, and while sex is an important topic for both, it’s more of a focus for women than men. There’s also biological proof that a woman’s sex drive is higher at later stages in life than men. So when are we seen as the dogs?

I think in part it’s a way of preserving the “innocent” image women. While the image may have been accurate in more innocent times (say the 1920’s and 30’s), today’s woman isn’t as lucky. The modern woman is as innocent and pure as the modern man. Claiming that all women are innocent, sweet angels, is like calling every priest a child molester. Both impressions are the opposite of reality.

There’s also the consequences of sex, for both genders. Sex for men is an activity that is had, pleasurable, and can be walked away from. While there’s always the risk of an STD or some sort of disease that could be spread, there aren’t many consequences to worry about. Most importantly, men don’t get pregnant. We don’t have to deal with the reality of carrying another human being inside of us for 9 months. I’m sure, the fear of an unexpected pregnancy is just as fearful of an unwanted disease. It’s not a consequence men have to consider, when we have sex, we don’t have to wonder if we took a pill or if we could get pregnant. We often have two jobs, first put a condom on, and second have sex. I’m sure men are seen inconsiderate when we just “want sex”, but making us seen as dogs because of biology is stupid. Sex is a two partner act, often men don’t force sex onto a woman, women can “just say no.” Anything beyond that is often illegal.

Sex is a natural part of life. Both genders lust, enjoy, and seek sex equally. We both act in ways that drives a certain type of attention. Be honest, high heels don’t serve any practical function, they are often seen as a sex symbol. Women don’t go to a club in sneakers, because high heels grants them more attention. I reject the notion that men are dogs because we often seek sex, or seen as inconsiderate, when the same occurs on the other side of the gender isle.


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