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by Ursula Bell - Thursday, 9 June 2022, 5:09 AM
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4 Csc V0 Heavy Notepad Jelly DOWNLOAD: ••• 1640292876 Ummy Video. GitHub. Click the button and launch the application. Presentation on the topic “Subject area. Field of activity. Activities" First lesson. Topic: "Entrepreneurship" This presentation is devoted to the basics of entrepreneurial activity in the economy. Here you will find out what types of entrepreneurship exist. Familiarize yourself with the basic concepts: “Competitionâ€, “Joint Stock Companyâ€. Study the organizational features of entrepreneurship and the stages of its formation. Get familiar with the business plan and its structure. Pay special attention to the story about the taxation of business activities. Let us analyze the basic concepts and signs of entrepreneurial activity: "entrepreneur", "manager", "control". We will increase the scale of the presentation material and give complete information about each type of entrepreneurship. Let's talk about what entrepreneurial activity is in general. Formal and informal leaders among domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. What is entrepreneurship and why is it needed. Let's take the concept of "customer orientation" into service. Check if you answer the questions correctly. Crossword Ask students to complete the crossword exercises that will be presented in the lesson outline. Lesson summary Show the main stages of the formation of entrepreneurship in Russia; show the main types of entrepreneurship; Talk about business responsibilities. The proposed material will help students in studying the topic "Enterprise and Entrepreneurship". Slides: Section 1 Highlight the main idea. The slide shows 3 answer options and their criteria; whether they correspond to the topic of the lesson. Determine the significance of the statement. Give 2 arguments. Do you think the author's statement characterizes a stable trend or not. Examine the wording given in the epigraph. Define sustainability. Bibliography. The study of new material continues until all the previously studied information has been assimilated by us. At home, the teacher should show students one or more slides so that they can learn how to visualize information. The slides should contain the information you need, which you will immediately use in your presentations or speeches in the lesson. 1. Theme of the lesson. Prerequisites